Viviana Allison Clary


A beautiful wandering road  down my life experiences....pain, healing.....hope.


Newcomer in the music industry, yet old soul as far as a lyricist...performer and studio artist.

My journey began at a very young age.....performing and musical theater. 

Recently finished my first 12 original song album....I have been an Artist Relations at Full Sail University for over 10 years in the studio and live sessions...such a wonderful experience in ones comfort level in the studio. I also have been apart of many extraordinary community venues....Immerse Creative City Project, Earth Day, The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center, Delandapalooza, Deland Music Festival and many others.

Being a natural performer my work is not just about recorded is about getting out there with all the beautiful people and sharing my heart...touching other hearts...

It has been very challenging this past year due to Covid...musicians have been highly affected by not being able to is a new day...we are experiencing live performances one again....I hope to see you soon on tour.....

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Me & My Guitar

A Thought Becomes A Reality

Just Be Yourself