My Life In music

Welcome all you awesome people!
I will keep this short and simple...I fell in love with music at a very young age..Began by singing around my mother..then writing songs and eventually attending North Carolina School Of The Arts Summer Camp at age 15. There I was told I was given a gift..and with that gift I needed to love, nourish and protect it. 
I have now completed my first 12 song original album. Songs of my life, experiences living overseas, travels, love, loss and hope. 

My friend, mentor Juan Covas has been such an incredible support. Juan Covas mixed the album. 

I worked with Francis C. Baranyi on my album, producer and engineer, grateful to him and those long studio hours. 

Esteban Pinero was the great master..5 time Grammy Winner in mastering..what can I say I'm blessed!

In the next coming months I plan on sharing some Live Sessions, also looking at performing as Covid restrictions lessen.

Please continue to support my music! 




Viviana Allison Clary