Beautiful people!

Thank you for stopping by, it is my honor to share my album with you. 

When I think about the many years it took me to have the courage to finally compose these songs, expose my vulnerabilities, being naked so to speak...taking a moment to realize that this could have a profound impact on me.

It did, and it continues to. 

Sharing my experiences in childhood that were messy and painful, to the joy and healing taking place, to the people who send me the most loving and incredible messages of how my music has impacted them....that is such a gift.

Along the years I have had many people contribute to this album, Juan Covas has been my closest friend and mentor, Juan also mixed the album...Juan taught me when in the chaos of making the album, remember making decisions are very powerful....and learning to make decisions quickly and not look back.

Thank you Juan.

Chris  Francis Baranyi rocks! 

Chris as well has been a great mentor and engineer. We worked together as producer and co-producer, I learned so much at that point about making decisions and moving on. 

Full Sail University has been a blessing for me, Dale Rock invited me 10 years ago to come in an Artist In Resident, the rest is history. I was able to begin the early stages of arranging and recording my album. 

Thank you Full Sail University.

Glenn Knight has been a dedicated musician/ music director and arranger for the past 3 years. Glenn has a tremendous ear and such an incredible attitude. 

Thank you Glenn.

​​​​​​​There are too many people and places to mention today in this bio, as you get to know me and my music feel free to ask me questions...I definitely am open to sharing my life with you. 

Thank you fans and tribe, I love you for taking the time to listen to my music, watch my videos and follow me in the beginning  phases of my career.



​​​​​​​Viviana Allison Clary